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Vegetable Oil

As a food grade consumable oil, Palm Oil carries the main components of nutrition and taste which includes Vitamin 'A' and 'E'.

Vitamin-E is a savior of the body from viral attacks. Some of the main sources of Vitamin-E include Palm Oil, which is rich in minerals. Specially a substance named “Tokotroinal” which is a key ingredient of Vitamin-E is found in abundance in palm Oil. Another mineral in the Palm Oil is known as “Carotinoid”. Vitamin-E and Carotinoid contains anti-oxidant solvents, which reduces the risk of Heart Attacks and Cancer thus protecting the saturation of our muscles.

This Carotinoid contains “Vitamin-A” which saves the children from blindness.

The solvents present in Palm Oil makes the oxidation process firm in our body, saves the fatty acid from chemically decomposing into harmful waste products for the body and boosts the stability of the cell membrane.

Palm Oil is easily decomposed and provides quick nutrition to the body. The taste and smell of the foodstuff cooked using Palm Oil is amazing! Daily usage of Palm Oil in food reduces the level of dangerous LDL Cholesterol from the body. Palm Oil is a source of energy for the body. Palm Oil is free from Cholesterol!

After the process of refining Crude Palm Olein (CPO) into Refined Palm Olein (RPO), it is again refined to double the effect of producing solvents. This process is known as “Double Fractionating” and this process carries out the task of refining the minerals in the oil to give it a natural oil flavor.

For our consumer benefits the Standard Specifications and Nutrition Facts for Super Refined Palm Oil are provided below:


Refractive Index at 40 Degree Centigrade


Iodine Value


Acid Value

0.10-0.20 mg/g as KOH

Unsaponifiable Matter

3.00-5.00 mg/g as KOH

Saponification Value

195-205 mg/g as KOH

Peroxide Value (milli equivalent of Oxygen/Kg)

10 max


Nutrition Facts (Per serving of 10 gm)


90 K Cal






4.90 g


3.90 g


0.90 g

Packaging Details:

Consumer Pack: 1/2 Ltr, 1 Ltr, 2 Ltr, 5 Ltr

Bulk Pack: 16 Kg