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The business, which has brought us fame and fortune – the history of Teer Mustard Oil can be traced back to the post war era when our founder chairman operated this company at its infancy. The popularity of the Teer Mustard Oil remains undefeated in the country.

Mustard is extracted in a breathtaking process from the mustard seed. These seeds are collected in bulk to be sent to our seed crushing plants. Each hand picked mustard seed is checked and then sent to us where it is crushed to extract edible mustard oil.

Our mustard grinders help in crushing the seed and extracting the oil. This oil is collected in drums and is sent for refinement to our other plants to ensure proper quality levels. Crushing of this mustard oil makes sure that the natural extracted oil from mustard seed is graded safe and healthy. This entire process of refinement and packing is done in an automatic plant and marked in Food Graded PET bottles and Tin can.

This oil is delivered in highest quality to our consumers who appreciate the taste of good homemade food, pickles and other multiple purposes.


Moisture & Insoluble Impurities

0.25% max

Refractive Index at 40 degree Centigrade


Relative Density at 20/20 degree Centigrade


Saponification Value (as KOH)

169-176  mg/gm

Iodine Value


Acid Value (as KOH)

3.00 mg/gm (max)

Unsaponifiable Matter

12 mg/gm (max)

Peroxide Value (Milliequivalent of Oxygen/kg)

10.00 (max)

Nutrition Facts (Per 14 ml)


120 Kcal


0 gm


0 gm


0 gm


1 gm


11 gm


3 gm