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A key food consumption of Bangladeshi’s, our beans are imported directly from foreign countries to ensure the finest quality and is crushed in our factory with the help of latest foreign machinery. A fine chain of events sets the production process into life as all the impurities and industrial waste is painstakingly eliminated and at the end the beans are carefully collected and packed.

Our quality assurance staffs play a key role in maintaining the highest levels of hygiene factor in our foodstuff till the beans are packed – ready for shipment to consumers. Each day we feed hundreds of thousands of households with beans, which help in creating a healthy environment.

From the crushing of the Daal to its cleaning and removal of foreign particles, we maintain high levels of quality and assure our consumers with value of food.

Currently we are producing the following types of Beans (Daal) for the local consumption:

    Packaging Details:
    • Motor Beans (Motor Daal)

    • Dubly (White/Yellow Type)

    Bulk Pack: 50 Kg