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Using world's most renowned 'BUHLER' machine of Switzerland in an automated technological process, feed is very nutritious and of quality. Feed is very profitable & cost effective. Feed farm owners can not only have a lot of revenue but can also meet the nourishment required by the animals of our country easily.

Features of Poultry & Fish Feed:

  • Manufactured under in close supervision of both local & foreign renowned nutrition specialists and using latest technology and internationally trained staff in an automated technological process

  • Using essential nourishing ingredients such as – fiber, starch, fat, salt, phosphorous, calcium, vitamin, mineral and amino acid is present in this foodstuff. This is why nothing extra is required to mix

  • Own computerized quality control process using best quality local & foreign raw materials

  • Processed in necessary high pressure this food is completely germ free. As a result of this chicken & fish are less prone to diseases, grows up healthy & normally and ensures more weight & egg production

  • This feed does not expire easily, so it can be stored for a relatively longer period

  • Chicken & fish nutrition requirements & daily diet is maintained very carefully for which Teer Feed’s food conversion rate is very profitable. As a result of this farm owners relatively can be very profitable

  • Teer Feed is found in Crumble, Pellet & Mashed form. Due to alluring aroma & taste chicken & fish gets easily attracted to have this food

  • This feed largely ensures cure for Cocksidiosis in chicken and Gill Decomposition in fish

  • The quality of level of Teer Feed in comparison to price is profitable

Packaging Details:

Bulk Pack: 

B. Starter, B. Grower, B. Finisher: 50 Kg

P. Nursery-1, P. Nursery-2, P. Starter-1, P. Starter, P. Grower, P. Finisher: 25 Kg

L. Starter, L. Grower, L. Layer: 50 Kg

H. Feed: 25 Kg

C. Feed (Milk), C. Feed (Meat): 25 Kg

T. Nursery-1, T. Nursery-2, T. Starter-1, T. Grower: 25 Kg

C. Grower: 25 Kg

Koi & Shrimp: 25 Kg


Poultry & Fish Feed comes in Fiber Bag as under: