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The date 6th February, 1972 marks the journey of a valiant effort in Gandaria, Dhaka - one which marked the beginning of the company known as "CITY OIL MILLS" - the founder Chairman, Mr. Fazlur Rahman started the group from scraps virtually. The initial period was marked with a lot of hardships due to the post war era when the country faced an economic fallout. Initially the mission of the company was to produce mustard oil for the local market consumption. The overwhelming demand for the product propagated and the company soon found its way into the business arena.

For the next 18 years, the company operated within the vicinity of the Dhaka city and met the demands of the local market. The revenue generated from this soon gave away for the entrepreneur to evolve the company, which was by now one of the largest mustard oil producing plants in the country.

A vision - to transform the company to a 21st century conglomerate of the country started. "City Vegetable Oil Mills" was established at Rupshi, on the outskirts of Dhaka city. This effort evidenced an accelerated growth of City Group and the the company was soon found to open two more sister concerns by the year 1994 - "Hasan Vegetable Oil Mills Limited" and "City Fibres Limited".

Within this period the founder also devised new production units and soon the brand  "TEER" was born, the name itself captivating the hearts and minds of the people. Appearing in this banner was the flagship product, "TEER SOYABEAN OIL", which soon found a good market share.

The overwhelming revenue generated and the unprecedented popularity of the products of City Group soon found its way into the hearts of the people. City Group was by now one of the emerging industries of the country with an ever-expanding business, which led to 21 sister concerns by the end of the year 2006.


Presently, the company focuses on meeting and responding to the ever-changing needs of the consumers both home and abroad. Till now City Group is one of the largest company in the country, and business reaching foreign countries making it one of the best conglomerates of the country. Years of meticulous work has paid off and by now CITY GROUP has started its alteration towards an International Standard Company along with its 23 sister concerns.

                   Our journey till now remains an epic adventure with more yet to come and we strive with a quest -

                                   "A Quest for Excellence!"

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