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Distribution Network

"A good product marketing depends on a good and effective distribution network."

We believe in these words and this is what inspires us to drive further and further strengthen our network.

City Group has an extensive array of distribution network and with the help of this network it has been able to extend its products into all the districts of Bangladesh. It looks further into the prospects of extending its distribution network to all the “Thana” level and welcomes all prospective Distributors / Dealers.

Each individual territory is taken care of well in advance by our territory managers and our sales staffs are always there to assist our distributors with the demands.

Our products have been popular with the people of the country and with the overwhelming demand; we are furnishing ourselves to meet the new consumer.

We hope to meet the consumers through our distributors and look forward with effective planning and strategic campaigning to support our sales. Only the coming days will predict our quality…


How to Join Our Network

If you are determined to join our network, it’s very simple!

First of all you have to gather prior knowledge about distribution networks and how they work. Our staffs are there to help you out to get you a thorough understanding of the market scenario. Once you are equipped with the knowledge of the market the rest is up to you to make it up to the consumers.

Then you have to fill out an application form to enter your distribution network. Before you apply make sure you have the following:

  • Attested valid trade license
  • Attested Passport sized photographs
  • Attested Income Tax certificate
  • Bank Solvency Certificate

If you have these ready you can easily get down with the fill-up process and then apply for us. Our business development team will make an assessment of your application and after the evaluation is done we can help you to expand your business and hence also help us to deliver our products.

-->Download Distributorship Application Form



City Group has recently moved into the international arena of exports. Our hygienic & quality food products are produced in state-of-the-art machines in our factories. Locally our products are very popular amongst people who have a taste for food.

We export a wide range of food consumables which are portrayed through our website. Our rapidly expanding international market has proven our product quality which meets the international standards as well as meets the taste of the consumers. Our products are keen as well as they are of class, which describes the demand in the international arena for our products.

If you believe that you are ready to do business with City Group then don't wait! If you feel there is a potential for your business to expand with us please do not hesitate to write to us or contact our Import & Export Department. You may also email us at grainmark@citygroupbd.com


Gather a business plan and all important official documents, and leave the rest with us. Our expert team of professionals is ready to help you out on your venture with us.



City Group rely on excessive imports to ensure proper hygiene and quality levels for food based consumable items. We import all round the year to keep up with the production levels. We would like to encourage all professional companies engaged in export of foreign items to kindly contact us at grainmark@citygroupbd.com

To gather proper idea on the basic import commodities of City Group please refer to the list below. For further information regarding the import of commodities please contact our Import & Export Department located in our Corporate Office.

The list of food consumable commodities used for regular import is as follows:

Food Items: Wheat, Peas, Pulses, Mustard Seeds, Canola Seeds, Rape Seeds, Soyabean Seeds, Crude Degummed Soyabean Oil (CDSO), Crude Palm Oil, Crude Palm Olein, Raw Sugar

Else than these we also import many other items used for our sister concerns such as:

Chemicals: Caustic Soda, Phosphoric Acid, Activated Carbon, Soda Ash, Fullers Earth

Iron & Steel: Tin Plates

Polymers: PET Chips, PP Yarn Grade, HDPE Blow Mould

Paper & Paper Products: Kraft Paper

Machinery: Plant Machinery

Please feel free to contact us during office hours if you feel that you are interested to expand your business with us by your side.



City Group also welcomes prospective companies, which may be interested into supplying raw materials, equipment, etc to us. Please get yourselves enlisted into our database for evaluation. We look forward into having a pleasant business tie with all respective suppliers of machinery, raw materials and services into our reputed industries.

We believe that a good business can flourish into the market with the help of business houses that specialize in specific business. Our company focuses into a variety of areas of business and this will certainly be a scope for business for you!

Yes you can be a valuable asset for us for a variety of business perspectives. Come and venture into us and you will know what are your perspectives. We certainly evaluate good partners and we will help you to grow with us along with time.




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