Business Person of the year 2005

Starting after the Liberation war, City Group has established itself as one of the leading Group of industries in the corporate arena of Bangladesh and has managed to gain recognition overseas as well. Efforts of the Group are recognized by consumers, suppliers and the community at large. As a recognition of overall business performance, Mr. Fazlur Rahman, Chairman of the Group was honored with the award of the "Business Person of the year 2005" by DHL-Daily Star. This has been a huge achievement for the company as well.

Best Saskatchewan Pulse Importer 2009

For importing significant volume of Saskatchewan pulses, City Group was recognized by Saskatchewan Pulse Growers, Canada in 2009. Importing from global pulse markets ensures that growing pulses continues to be profitable for producers in Saskatchewan and Canada.

Best Brand Awards

City Group has received Best Brand Award numerous times in different categories arranged by Bangladesh Brand Forum. Its top three brands- TEER Advanced Soyabean Oil, TEER Atta Maida Suji and TEER Sugar received Best Brand Awards several times. These brands were also recognized as one of the “Top 10 local brands” and “Top 20 brands” in overall brand category. These awards are given on the basis of brand equity.

Prestigious Brand of Asia 2017-18

TEER has been awarded the Prestigious Brands of Asia 2017-18 award in 2017 making it the only brand of Bangladesh to receive this recognition. After research and evaluation conducted by Herald Global, BARC and ERTC Media, TEER Advanced Soyabean Oil and TEER Atta Maida Suji were recognized as the “Prestigious Brands of Asia 2017-18”. The jury panel consists of eminent members from world’s top organizations.

World Greatest Brands & Leaders 2017-18

Mr. Fazlur Rahman, Honorable Chairman of City Group, along with his brand TEER have been recognized as one of the world’s greatest leaders and brands by United Research Service and PricewaterhuseCoopers P.L. for his sharp business acumen in the trade and industrial enterprise in Bangladesh. This strategic visionary has steered the group to new height while revolutionizing Bangladesh’s food industry.

Best Taxpayer of 2018-19

Mr. Fazlur Rahman, Honorable Chairman of City Group, has been awarded as the "Best Taxpayer" of the fiscal year 2018-19. This has been possible because of his immense hard work and planning for the growth of industries in the country. This is a great achievement for the company as well. Sports Sponsor of the Year 2019.jpg

Best Sports Sponsor of the Year 2019

TEER GO for Gold has successfully changed the paradigm of Archery sport in Bangladesh. This has been recognized by Bangladesh Sports Journalism Association, and City Group has been awarded “SPONSOR OF THE YEAR 2019” in Kool BSPA Sports Award. City Group got this award for being 360° Development Partner of Archery under TEER Go for Gold project.