Our Sister Concern

Started Operations: 2018

Functionality:This economic zone is situated in Rupgonj, Narayanganj covering a total area of 78 acres. This area is suitable for any large scale foreign investment and it is well equipped with all utility facilities.

Started Operations: 2018

Functionality:This is the only fully automated rice and dal mill in Bangladesh. World renowned Buhler machineries are used in this unit to process rice and dal. It houses one and only hi-tech laboratory of Bangladesh to ensure top quality grains for consumers.

Started Operations: 2015

Functionality:This unit is located in Munshigonj and covers a total area of 100 acres wholly used for making sea going vessels. These vessels are used for raw material and finished goods transportation.

Started Operations: 1990

Functionality:City Group has three tea gardens located in Srimongol and Chittagong. Handpicked tea leaf are processed in its own production unit inside the garden and packed for the consumers to ensure the best essence and taste of tea.

Started Operations: 2007

Functionality:With world renowned Buhler machines of Switzerland, this state-of–the art technology is a valuable addition in City Group’s arsenal in catering to the ever-increasing quality food products of choice.

Started Operations: 2007

Functionality:Rahman Synthetics Ltd supplies all sorts of PP woven bags and Plastic linings to meet in-house demands.

Started Operations: 2006

Functionality:C.S.I Power & Energy Ltd capable of supplying 37 M.W of electricity per day for running different industrial units of the group.

Started Operations: 2006

Functionality:Functionality: This is the largest sugar refinery of the country that which uses European SUTECH technology. The imported raw sugar is refined and packed in utmost care for the consumers. This unit produces different types and grades of sugar for different purposes.

Started Operations: 2005

Functionality:City Seed Crushing Industries Ltd produces Soya meals and Rapeseed cakes everyday. The raw materials of Latin America and Europe are processed with technologically superior DESMET BALLESTRA machines to ensure a rich protein source for poultry and fish.

Started Operations: 2005

Functionality:Deepa Food Products Ltd., has got Vanaspati and Canola Oil in their product range. The raw materials are directly imported from world’s finest sources and refined with latest technology to ensure quality products.

Started Operations: 2004

Functionality:Ensures a constant quality of full range poultry, fish and cattle feeds. The carefully selected raw materials are processed in modern Buhler machines in controlled environment.

Acquired: 2004

Functionality:VOTT Oil Refineries Ltd. terminal has more than 50 tanks, including bonded ones, with a total storage capacity of about 1.5 Lac Tons of Crude Oil, Bitumin, Lubricants etc. The Oil Refinery unit has a refining capacity of about 1100 M.Tons of Crude Oil per day.

Started Operations: 2002

Functionality:Farzana Oil Refineries Limited, has got Vanaspati and Canola Oil in their product range. The raw materials are directly imported from world’s finest sources and refined with latest technology to ensure that the product reaches the consumers in perfect conditions.

Started Operations: 2001

Functionality:Shampa Oil Mills Limited, was set up as an expansion of the most popular “Teer Mustard Oil” in the country. The hand-picked and graded mustard seeds are crushed, refined and packed in automatic plant to maintain its unparalleled popularity.

Started Operations: 2001

Functionality:City PET Industries Ltd., the FDA approved factory lifts water from a depth of 600 feet and purifies it using German Ozone technology and Reverse Osmosis system to process around 1,00,000 litres of truly hygienic pure drinking water per day.

Started Operations: 2000

Functionality:City Navigation Ltd. has 37 maritime vessels which are engaged in carrying raw materials from Chittagong port and other places. Also there are 2 mother ship which transport the food grains from other countries to Bangladesh.

Started Operations: 1999

Functionality:Hasan Containers Ltd supports the Group with quality plain & printed tin containers made from plain tin sheets for marketing its own products i.e. refined oils, Vanaspati etc.

Started Operations: 1999

Functionality:Hasan Printing and Packaging meets the Group’s own requirement and also supports printing of labels, stickers and other promotional materials

Started Operations: 1995

Functionality:Hasan Flour Mills Ltd. is the largest of its kind producing the finest and most popular brand of Atta, Flour and Semolina- TEER. Finest quality wheat are processed with world renowned automatic Buhler Machine of Switzerland ensuring 100% purity.

Started Operations: 1998

Functionality:Hasan Plastic Industries ltd produces PET container to meet the in-house demand.

Started Operations: 1992

Functionality:City Fibers Ltd. supplies all sorts of PP woven bags and Plastic linings to meet in-house demands

Started Operations: 1990

Functionality:City Vegetable Oil Mills Ltd. refines quality soyabean oil from imported CDSO and Super Refined Palm Olein from imported CPO to meet increasing demand of the local market.

Started Operations: 1972

Functionality:This unit produces premium quality mustard oil from hi-grade mustard seed using GHANI, a traditional cold press system. Processing with GHANI ensures natural pungency and aroma of the Mustard Oil.